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Packaging 4.0

Perfect, Durable, Aesthetic

Welcome to the Arpack

Everything we produce here, from the idea stage to the implementation, is a source of pride for us.
Check out our wide product range and the advantages we provide.

Our Main Products

Triplewall Heavy Duty Box | Paper Honeycomb | Paper Edge Protector | Paper Pallet
All in One


Our products

Abox Standart Koli, tekstil kolisi,hugo boss, tommy, otomotiv, civata, koli üreticisi

Standart Box Group

ABox storage offers convenience, high durability, and cost-effectiveness, making it the most preferred type. It is widely chosen across all industries.


Paper Edge Protector

Paper edge protectors, available in various dimensions and thicknesses, are utilized in many industries for both palletizing and enhancing the strength of boxes inside.

triplex-koli-bca-aca-bce-ece-ihracat kolisi-palet kolisi-1200-800-kalın koli-1 ton koli-3

Triplex Box Group

Triplex boxes, with their robust structure and high strength, are commonly used in the industrial sector as a type of packaging.


Paper Pallet Group

Compared to Euro pallets, not only is it more economical, but it is also made of paper, with a 100% recyclable structure.


Honeycomb Paper Group

This product, with a honeycomb-like internal structure, aptly named "Honeycomb," is composed of flat paper both inside and outside. It boasts a high carrying capacity.

ambalaj-tasarimi-haksagon-design-packaging design-future-2023-2024-fsc-pefc-automotive des

Custom Design Group

We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom packaging for various industries, particularly the automotive sector, enabling you to safely ship your products.

You are Exclusive at Arpack

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Customized solutions for you


Stock Operation

Your stock is always ready with us.


Ready Set Products

Box, gusset, bag all in one.


Continuous Tracking

We know you very well.

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Custom packaging design for you


Why Arpack?

We serve as a prominent company by applying the Packaging 4.0 approach to Turkey for the first time. We are excited to work with you with our expert staff. We aim for your success by adopting a business partnership approach instead of a customer-oriented approach. Your success is our success.

Fast action
Your production and shipping priorities are critical to us. By taking quick actions in emergencies, we overcome your shipping problems. We are always happy to support you.

Effective Experience
Our expert staff is here to serve you. Focusing on the needs of our business partners, we offer the best solutions in packaging issues. We are ready to support you every step of the way.

24/7 Support
We are assertive. We are proud to be there for you whenever you need. We give you confidence in packaging with our planned, predictable and systematic operational processes. We are here for you to have a hassle-free experience.

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Quality Certificates

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Quality Certificates

Contact us

Arpack Ambalaj San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Head Office

Address: Hacı Halil Mh. Text Cd. No:33 41400 Gebze/KOCAELI

Phone: +90-262-255-5654
GSM     : +90-506-346-4556

Address: Çatameşe, Reşadiye Cd. 184 St. No:12 Cekmekoy / ISTANBUL

Phone: +90-262-255-5654
GSM     : +90-506-346-4556

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