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Zero Carbon Packaging Solutions

We set out with a carbon-zero goal.

100% Recyclable, Carbon-Zero, and Eco-Friendly

The Carbon-Zero approach is a crucial step towards embracing an environmentally friendly and sustainable future. At ARPACK Packaging, we operate with a mission to protect the environment and build a sustainable future by providing Carbon-Zero Packaging solutions. We offer 100% recyclable paper packaging products, providing our customers with eco-friendly options.
Here are Some Carbon-Zero Packaging Solutions:


Corrugated Board Box

Our corrugated cardboard boxes, designed to safely transport your products, are made from recyclable materials. They offer an environmentally friendly and practical packaging option.


Paper Stretch Wrap

Paper stretch wrap, an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic stretch film, is used to secure and protect your products. It is made from 100% recycled paper.


Heavy-Duty Triplex Box

Durable triplex boxes are ideal, especially for the secure transportation of heavy and export products. They are an environmentally friendly option with recyclable features and are also known as palletized boxes.


Paper Edge Protector

Cardboard corner protectors, ideal for protecting and transporting your products, are a durable and recyclable option. They ensure the rigidity and stability of your pallet, providing an environmentally friendly choice.


Paper Honeycomb

Honeycomb panels, used to package and protect your products in an organized manner, are made from recyclable paper materials. They are an equivalent alternative to wooden crates.


Paper Pallet

Cardboard pallets, a fantastic alternative to wooden pallets, are an environmentally friendly option and can be easily recycled. They have a carrying capacity of 1200 KG.

ARPACK Packaging is committed to contributing to a sustainable future by providing Carbon-Zero Packaging solutions. Our products are made from environmentally friendly materials and are recyclable. We are here to help you protect the environment and achieve the sustainability goals of your business. Contact us for more information and learn more about Carbon-Zero Packaging solutions.

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