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training and consultancy

We offer special training and consultancy services for you to optimize the packaging processes of your business, to ensure correct use and to understand the importance of packaging.

Our trainings are designed to provide your employees with the necessary knowledge and skills in packaging. We help you increase the quality and efficiency of your packaging process by providing training on the correct use, assembly, filling and transportation of corrugated cardboard box packaging. In addition, we contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of your business by providing training on safety precautions, correct management of packaging waste and environmental sustainability.

With our consultancy service, we evaluate and optimize the packaging strategies of your business. We take industry trends and best practices into account when developing packaging solutions that fit your needs and goals. We help you improve your company's packaging processes and gain competitive advantage by providing consultancy in a wide range from packaging design to material selection, from logistics management to recycling processes.

With our Training and Consultancy Support service, we enable you to be an expert partner in the packaging processes of your business. We guide you to explain the importance of packaging to our customers, to encourage its correct use and to reach your sustainability goals.

Contact us to receive training and consultancy services on corrugated cardboard box packaging. Our team of experts will work with you to provide tailored solutions for your business needs. We are here to help you increase the success of your business by improving your packaging processes.


The Most Accurate Packaging Selection

We provide training and consultancy on choosing the right packaging according to the characteristics, sensitivity and shipping conditions of your products. We help you determine the most suitable packaging, taking into account factors such as packaging materials, dimensions, safety measures and protection levels. We are working on getting your staff to adopt savings.


Packaging Installation and Assembly

The correct installation and assembly of the packaging is important for the safe transportation and storage of your products. Under this title, we offer training and advice on how to properly install packaging, assemble packaging materials correctly, and optimize protective properties.


Packaging Recycling and the Environment

We provide training and consultancy on packaging recycling and environmentally friendly practices. Under this title, we provide information on sustainable packaging materials, recycling procedures, waste management and environmental impacts. We also offer suggestions and strategies to reduce the environmental impact of your packaging.

Contact us

You can contact us to benefit from our special design service. We are happy to assist you with our design support to make a difference in the industry of your business and impress your customers. 

Head Office

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Address: Hacı Halil Mh. Text Cd. No:33 41400 Gebze/KOCAELI

Phone: +90-262-255-5654
GSM     : +90-506-346-4556

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