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Testing and Quality Control

With our Testing and Quality Control Support service, we offer you the expertise to ensure the durability and quality of your packaging. We guarantee that your packaging complies with quality standards in order to ensure the safe transportation of your business's products and increase customer satisfaction.

Our team of experts work in advanced lab environments to test and control the durability of your packaging. While testing the strength and bearing capacity of the materials used, we evaluate the durability of your packaging against impacts, vibrations and other transport stresses. These tests reduce the risk of your products being damaged in transit and provide your customers with a hassle-free experience.

Our quality control processes ensure that your packaging meets the appropriate standards and specifications at the production stage. We conduct visual inspections and measurement checks to ensure that your packaging designs are produced in the correct dimensions and quality. In this way, you can be sure that each of your packaging meets high quality standards.

With our Test and Quality Control Support service, we help you keep customer satisfaction at the highest level while protecting the reputation of your business. We support the use of quality and durable packaging to ensure that your products are packaged and transported safely.

Contact us for testing and quality control of your packaging. Our team of experts will work with you to make sure your packaging meets your needs. We are here to strengthen the success of your business with reliable and high-quality packaging.


Packaging Strength Tests

BCT (Box Compression Test): This test measures the durability of a box when stacked. The amount of pressure applied on the box determines how much load the box can carry.


ECT (Edge Crush Test): This test measures the strength of the sides of the box. With the pressure applied to the sides, it is evaluated how much load the box can carry.


Moisture Resistance and Absorption Test

COBB Test: This test determines the water absorption properties of the packaging material. The water resistance is evaluated by examining the absorption and spread of the amount of water applied on the material. This test is used to measure the durability of the packaging in humid environments. It is one of the most important tests in products shipped by sea.


Surface Quality and Printing Tests

Surface Roughness Test: This test measures the surface roughness of the packaging material. These values may affect the print quality, legibility and visual aesthetics of the packaging. Print Quality Test: This test evaluates the print quality on the packaging. Print quality is determined by examining the color accuracy, sharpness, line sharpness and details in the print.

Contact us

You can contact us to benefit from our special design service. We are happy to assist you with our design support to make a difference in the industry of your business and impress your customers. 

Head Office

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Address: Hacı Halil Mh. Text Cd. No:33 41400 Gebze/KOCAELI

Phone: +90-262-255-5654
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