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About us

Arpack Ambalaj offers solution-oriented design services in the R&D and CAD-CAM environment in order to provide cost and quality advantages. It aims to provide the best solutions to its customers with its constantly updated staff structure that closely follows the developments in the sector. Arpack Packaging stands out with its many patented designs.

Arpack Ambalaj is a company that has accumulated significant experience in the Automotive and Heavy Duty sectors and continues its activities as a solution partner to global companies. The product range includes corrugated heavy duty boxes, cardboard pallets, cardboard pallets, honeycomb panel assemblies, cardboard brackets, offset printed boxes and stands, corrugated cardboard boxes and separators, slip sheet plates, kit module boxes and logistics services. 

As Arpack Ambalaj, our quality policy is as follows:
• We aim to meet the developing and changing needs and expectations of our customers perfectly and to keep our product and service quality constantly high.
• We aim to establish an excellent relationship with our constantly developing business partnership understanding by ensuring a strong integration with our suppliers.
• By continuously improving our production inputs and technology, we aim to contribute to the natural environment without harming future generations.
• We aim to keep our service personnel at the required level of responsibility, that they care about continuous improvement and development, and that their training and qualifications are at the highest level.
• We aim to comply with national and international laws and values, to internalize the quality management system and to ensure its continuity, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of all business processes and quality management system.
Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction and achieve a leading position in the industry by meeting the highest quality standards.


Arpack Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Arpack Packaging Solutions stands out with its sustainability-oriented approach, environmentally friendly solutions and core values. We offer a one-stop service for all your industrial packaging needs. With our expert packaging solutions, we are here to meet your sustainability goals and provide solutions that fit your needs. If you're looking for a partner with the same vision as you reviewing your packaging strategy, take a look at Arpack!

AMBALAJ 4-0.png

Arpack Ambalaj, the first Packaging 4.0 implementer in Turkey, offers end-to-end traceability services. 
Arpack offers digital solutions to prepare, produce, react, maintain and optimize the production workflow. Arpack believes that the entire packaging value chain can be connected, and ArpackConnect is the result of that belief.
ArpackConnect increases efficiency, control and data insight by connecting every step of the design, testing, implementation, manufacturing and sales process.
ArpackConnect is a link between digital eco-systems (including third-party software) designed to reduce efficiency, accuracy, performance and ultimately costs. Through ArpackConnect, the firm provides its customers with process information to make a real change in the way they work in today's fast-paced world.



Arpack uses a part of its comprehensive social responsibility budget each year for scholarships for High School and University students.


Arpack uses a part of its comprehensive social responsibility budget every year for afforestation works.
Bu güne kadar  3100  adet ağaç diktik.


Arpack uses a part of its comprehensive social responsibility budget every year for activities to encourage recycling.
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